Nu Test

Are you ready to create a Nulife? We’re so excited to present the Nu Lifestyle Course brought to you by NU Beauty. We’ve curated this course with some of the most incredible wellness facilitators, who’ve delivered on bringing the best of themselves to the forefront - from guided yoga practices, breathwork, daily meditations to incredible plant-based meal recipes and so much more. We have worked on bringing you the resources you need to set a Nu foundation and rewrite your life from the inside-out. 

In this course we will equip you with 7 days of soul and body enriching tools to kick start your journey of a Nulife, but it doesn’t end there. This course is a guide for you to refer to for at least 30 days to build NU habits to regain balance and achieve your NU life- a life where YOU get to write the story this time around. 

For the first 7 days, we will be hosting a live call with our Nu family that have purchased the course. We will host an open discussion on the topic of the day and experiences we’re having through each day of the week as you begin your NU mindful daily practices. We’ll answer questions and have heart opening, real conversations. 

The NU Lifestyle course is intended to offer you the blueprint and guidance you need whenever you need it, to ground yourself, connect to yourself and intentionally create your life - mind, body and spirit. 

If you are ready to show up and invest your time and energy in creating your NU Life, join us as we embark on the journey of self-transformation beginning on JUNE 1, 2020. 

The course will be available to pre-order beginning today! Visit (website) to secure your spot and get ready for an incredibly transformative journey ahead.